Friday, February 19, 2010

Texas Tamales on the Tundra

A very, very nice surprise arrived today at my post office box from my great friend Skipper.......the quintessential Texan. Texas tamales!! Having lived in Texas....I became quite addicted to these little critters. I can't believe I'm going to have tamales all the way out here! Whodathunkit?
They arrived safely covered by the Texas state flag. The tamales taste better that way.

Not sure how long these were in the mail, but it takes several days to a week for things to get here from anywhere. But these tamales arrived still frozen solid in this heavy duty cooler.

Definitely a Tundra Tamale party coming soon! YUMMY! There's enough to feed a whole village!


  1. Now you went and made me hungry for Texas tamales. Just not the same anywhere else!

  2. We're glad you liked them!

    Can we copy and post your tamale story on our website?